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we are the only manufacturer in the united states, possibly the world,  of eastern orthodox christian incense sticks and cones, for christian devotional use.

APRIL 2014

Dear friends, and brothers and sisters:

I know I have seemed to you to be very neglectful and for that I am deeply sorry.  I would like to explain the situation and beg your pardon. 

Firstly, I had not had a vacation in over 8 years.  When you consider that DFI is not my only endeavor, and that I do work a �regular full time job� in addition to being a full time student at the college, I hope you can understand the reasons for all the delays in getting Desert Fathers back to it�s normal operations.

Additionally, because of all the time and effort that goes into Desert Fathers, I am finding that I no longer have the time and energy to create new scents or products that people may or may not buy.  Costs being added to effort on top of that, it�s all just too much. 

With all that being said, I am announcing that I will be discontinuing the Athonite and granular, traditional types of incense effective immediately.  They will be sold on the clearance page and when they run out, they will not be renewed.  From now on, I will only be producing stick and cone incenses and will only be selling burners for those.  Accessories for the other types have already sold and are discontinued.

I will have the website revamped by the end of this month and I beg your understanding as I go through this transition.  It�s hard to say goodbye to things you love, but it�s time to concentrate on what the majority of my customers want.  I wish all of you well and continue to pray for you as I hope you will pray for me.

Warmest wishes,


Desert Fathers Incense



Desert Fathers Incense is the only producer of Orthodox Christian stick and cone incense in North America.  We hope and pray that our work is pleasing to the Lord, and that you will find our products to be above and beyond your expectation.  
We also produce traditional liturgical incense, as well as other types, and we are honored to sell the finest Christian incense accessories available.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and that you will pray for us in our mission, as stated below.

One Hope - One Love - One Peace,

Our Mission:

To provide every home with Orthodox Christian incense and the light of the Gospel, regardless of their ability to pay.

Please browse our site to see how you can help fulfill our mission.

St. Abo the Perfumer of Georgia

By the hand of Matthew Garrett

 St. Moses the Ethiopian